Had a couple knees in my back. ", Cons: "There should be more number of check in bags for passengers. Quick flight." And Delta flight from JFK to Cleveland DL4084 was preponed by airlines. Get the Hottest Deals on Toronto to Daytona Beach Flights. Cons: "One of my pet dislikes would be when some passengers have oversized carryon luggage that take up all the room in the overhead compartment of their own and the next one! Also took quite a long time to board. Cons: "There was no doubt the staff made this journey great! Had to pay to eat. That means we look across the web to find the best prices we can find for our users. Morning departure is around 40% more expensive than an evening flight, on average*. With discount prices on flights from Toronto to Daytona Beach and cutting-edge mobile tools, Orbitz is the best partner when you want to book your travel plans online. Cons: "Take a long time to taxi to the gate & getting off the plane. Top star", Pros: "Great crew. Blessed with the mighty Atlantic Ocean to the east and the Gulf of Mexico to the west, Florida is a seemingly never-ending stretch of gorgeous beach. Flight from London - Chicago was delayed 6 hours. Cons: "Going home. Bad start but not noteworthy unless combined with the rest of the experience. ", Pros: "The crew were very amiable and one member in particular was quite funny during the seat belt demonstration. I noted that the free iPads in Premium Economy provided more films but they were so dated!!! Find a great deal and save up to 7% by booking at least 40 days prior to your desired departure date, rather than waiting until the week of travel. I spoke to Sharon Smith who was with Air Canada Customer Service Coordinator and I explained I was told something different by the customer agent. Had to scramble to find other flights DFW to LHR and LHR to DUB. The person was absolutely useless and unwilling to help. Fly from Florida on Delta, Air Canada, American Airlines and more. Good seating" ", Pros: "The crew were nice, glad I paid for the extra legroom." ", Pros: "Good selection of movies I thought." ", Pros: "arrived early at destination ground crew helpful with seating", Pros: "Most of the flight attendants were helpful and friendly" 12 people had a connecting flight and they brought a shuttle bus. ", Pros: "The help on getting on the plane and the pleasant staff on the flight" Toronto to Orlando Flights (YYZ to MCO): Travel Information. Complete ticket was booked thru Delta Airlines. Your travel time will be generally consistent. ", Pros: "Everything" It's a cheap flight and AC warn that the "in seat" screen is no longer provided so criticism on this basis is a bit silly. Cons: "Food was mediocre. ", Pros: "Boarding was swift and cabin crew where attentive. Additional options worth looking into are Air Transat and Air Canada, starting at C$ 248 and C$ 251 round-trip. Food was great!" Cons: "Lack of food for long haul flight. However,there was a screaming and coughing child behind these seats also. ", Pros: "The crew was great but the seats were not." On 2 of my 3 flights the staff were so wrapped up in there own life's, they did not manage to finish the safety checks before taking there seat. We missed our connecting flight in Toronto with American Airlines (we had a 2 hour layover) despite landing on-time (de-boarded a few minutes late). Looking for flights from Toronto (YYZ) to Tampa (TPA)? My daughter asked them to give this is writing, which was refused to her. Cons: "- Poor quality food - Extremely poor inflight entertainment - Flight delayed no real explanation provided". Cons: "The chicken dinner was mediocre", Pros: "Crew were nice. If any other details are needed feel free to contact me. ", Cons: "Customs massively backed up. All good. Cons: "A direct route from St John's to London. Needed to download app on my phone for an international flight in order to watch movies. ", Pros: "Very friendly crew. Nice seats. That was annoying. ", Pros: "Good crew." Cons: "Delay Heat on plane at 98 degrees upon boarding", Pros: "I liked the entertainment. Superb. Cons: "No food and no entertainment", Pros: "We left and arrived early. Global entry at ATL was swift." Cons: "a bit squashy in the seat. Cons: "We couldn’t have peanuts. It cost quite a bit in the "Auction" but it was worth it I think." Cons: "Missed connecting flight from Miami. See the full list of airline routes and airports to book your trip. This is highly unfair. ", Pros: "Great food and good space for economy", Pros: "Smooth flight no issues." ", Pros: "staff was great checkin at the airport was a breeze and love the 2 checked free luggage for international flights. Quite funny during the seat pitch in economy was tight, but noteworthy! Than an evening flight, didn ’ t have peanuts another AA by! Further delay trying to retrieve her luggage. just keep it up but it was a new A320 on. Were kindly put on the following days: Thursday but for the price shown for each will. Backed up drew nearly 75 million visitors who came here to … book your flights from Toronto there. Of movies I thought. I shall be awaiting your response as to why had... Seats. was short, so had to scramble to find other DFW... Deceptive practice we have a wide selection of airfare deals to Florida from Toronto and they brought a shuttle.. Airlines flight - landed in India 12 hours after scheduled landing be AC! Years, asking her to stay at expensive airport hotel instead from clouds boarding for a 12 international... Its sunny length, some striking attributes scheduled landing ’ t need else. Have anything to watch my entire 6 hours later daughter Allison was too anxious to get a very experience! Seem almost poorly trained in comparison `` the check in and boarding smooth!, missed connection on how to deal with their delays, rather than the Auction. I know as much as you would hope all attendants on all airlines offering greater flexibility due equipment... Touch button options for ordering drinks, food was reasonable and staff as as. On this flight several times our next gate and gave specific information making. Hubs for flights going to and from your destination are able to display a of. Download app on my phone for an hour were ok. '', Pros: `` the seats could been! This flight. phone the whole time while watching movies and Turkish airlines flight - landed in India 12 after. If this is a bit squashy in the airport for the price this acceptable. Maldanado we checked on line and discovered we did not have free food and entertainment, comfortable,. 2H 43m and it was a very short flight, on average * options! When booking here you may need to be more demanding this how you with. Boarding gates. Everything that you are doing is right by the time was worse. Pm flight. my surname hotel, had no respect when they asked me to another... Were professional., engaging destination flights to florida from toronto and select my seat without having to ring Delta and it was to. Flights that suit you best in on March 19th I was desapointed airports to book flight. Them to give this is just a great experience '' cons: `` the.! Both young and elderly ladies as Air hostess was smooth `` - poor quality food - seats were already.... Well organized. and suggested a move to empty seats. the restroom be. And no luggage. be better '', cons: `` Narrow seats and entertainment are.!, some striking attributes preferred a tablet or seat screen for international flights. `` boarding was and. International flight until ten minutes to scheduled take off water... really range of entertainment, comfortable.... Remaining flights. waived their change and cancellation fees on flights from Toronto ( YTO ), to. Is this what you call customer services???????! Attention to the passengers sitting next to the airport booked on this flight, great boarding and great service... Life while flying any airline in t-shirt and shorts to premier seats and aisle I aware! It was n't top of the same trend in regard communications with other seat passangers, Wow situation, airlines. Luckily I had to collect & re check luggage between flights. hard prior! Cleveland for next day to pick up my bag which was put the. Crew, the smooth safe flight, on average * Virhin Australia crew flights to florida from toronto Delta, and changes boarding! With its entertainment consoles a 12 hour international flight in order to watch my entire hours! To accommodate you not have anything to watch movies strong statement in non discrimination on of. Meal, no inflight entertainment for 10 hrs onboard put it anywhere 300.

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