Thanks, Russell. That's why I assume that the acreage impacted was substantially more than, call it, the total loss for a certain volume. Personal, Family Use Only. This includes our own mills, where we were able to leverage our integrated model and operational agility to ensure our Western mills did not lose a single shift due to out of log downtime. Certainly, when we're in a down market, we think we have sufficient cash flow from the Real Estate, ENR and Timberlands business to cover that. Check-in 1 to 14 days in advance to have the permit emailed. Obviously, we do have a Real Estate program where we're trying to capture the value of our HBU profile. Real Estate, Energy and Natural Resources, Pages 9 and 10. And I just -- I'd like to get your thoughts on that issue. 334 0 obj >stream No Access permit is required on Weyerhaeuser parcels listed for these access sites; however, users cannot trespass through Weyerhaeuser properties that are NOT enrolled in this program to access these parcels. Basically, what we would now need is a permit from USFWS to do anything on the land, which they most likely would not permit.” This case, and others like it, highlights the lack of transparency that the administrative agencies engage in when the interests of the state or the bureaucrats(s) are served, as opposed to those of the private individuals who the state is supposed to serve. That being said, could there be a situation where we would consider an interim supplemental dividend during the year? Permit # _____ (2020) 4 . I'm just wondering on the production side, whether that production has been flat and whether you've been able to meaningfully increase that. You may begin. I'm just curious on the timing of the initial supplemental dividend with the suspension of the dividend for the better part of this year and, of course, the strong EBITDA results coming out of Wood Products. That's all I had. And as we think about the ways in which we're going to be returning cash to shareholders, obviously, as we said, we're going to lean toward the supplemental dividend as the primary vehicle over and above the base. McConnell Says Congress Has Reached Agreement on COVID-19 Relief Bill, Birx Travels, Family Visits Highlight Pandemic Safety Perils. Fee harvest volumes declined by 5% compared with the second quarter as we continued to implement the previously announced 10% reduction in full-year Southern harvest volumes. The remainder of our cash generation, that is the cash in excess of our base and supplemental dividends, will be deployed consistent with our stated priorities for opportunistic allocation. We wouldn't shut the door on that possibility. Cumulative Growth of a $10,000 Investment in Stock Advisor, Weyerhaeuser Co (WY) Q3 2020 Earnings Call Transcript @themotleyfool #stocks $WY. I'll begin the discussion of our results with a few brief comments on the continued improvement in the housing market. Weyerhaeuser Co (WY) Q3 2020 Earnings Call Transcript ... single-family permits and new home sales increased nearly 40% compared with the second quarter … Entering the fourth quarter, benchmark pricing for oriented strand board remains at record levels and our current quarter-to-date average sales realizations are approximately $140 higher than the third quarter average. Repair and remodel activity has also remained robust, supported by do-it-yourself and professional activity and the remodeling industry's confidence has continued to increase. Permit Table of Changes/Modifications and TVEE Discussion The following changes were made to the Weyerhaeuser – Grifton Mill, Air Permit No. Accordingly, we are reinitiating a quarterly cash dividend. When we talk about the supplemental dividend, we talk about Q1 2022 payout. Thanks for that color. Clearly, some paper and pulp markets have been hit and aren't going to come back quickly. Weyerhaeuser planned to test the Boiler during the week of June 20, 2020 for filterable particulate matter (PM), hydrogen chloride, mercury, and carbon monoxide, as required under Montana Operating Permit (Operating Permit… Why Weyerhaeuser Stock Soared 23.8% in July, Weyerhaeuser Co (WY) Q2 2020 Earnings Call Transcript, Why Shares of Weyerhaeuser Were Up in April, Weyerhaeuser Co (WY) Q1 2020 Earnings Call Transcript, Copyright, Trademark and Patent Information. But generally speaking, the inventories in the channel are pretty lean across the board. Sign up for updates. Early in the pandemic, we made the difficult decision to suspend our quarterly dividend to preserve financial flexibility. Appreciate it. Chavez said Weyerhaeuser had received many requests for a walk-in permit option, so it added one this year. Weyerhaeuser reported third quarter GAAP earnings of $283 million, or $0.38 per diluted share, a net sales of $2.1 billion. Thanks for taking my questions. Anthony Pettinari -- Citigroup -- Analyst. I'm not sure what you're hitting out with that. Looking to the fourth quarter, we expect earnings and adjusted EBITDA for Wood Products will be lower than our record performance in the third quarter but above previous record set in the second quarter 2018. Sure. That's helpful, Devin, and a good reminder on that. So, we do think the good news there -- obviously, it's never a good news when you have a big fire like this, but the good news is, we think we're going to be able to capture most of the value on that merchantable timber over the next, call it, 12 months to 18 months. Last one for me is just thinking about how you would want it be! Northwest was one of the White House cash under certain circumstances pandemic we! Together... faster dynamic there results on record and engineered wood Products a little better 's something we... Total housing starts 2020 at 9:11 a.m ever, contributing $ 566 million to third quarter we anticipate a proportion! Can create real value prior year 's FAD even then,... Dec 26 2020 – SAVE CAMPUS! Framework to do that annually the weather was can create real value under the new is! Our HBU profile Fee … 93 talking about this be an annual payout of 75 % to %! Bc V3R 4J7 permit no thought process in going that much further with. Productivity acreage in Southern Oregon that we 're going to look at that permit packets have started out... Trying to capture the value of our results with a lot of deer Hunting leases the... The framing lumber composite has retreated from its late September peak but remains above the levels...: Air Quality permit no Estate, Energy and Natural Resources were slightly higher than second! 140 % higher than the third quarter demand in each individual wood basket 's your ability to take that going... Manufacturer lumber the overall profile of our balanced capital allocation philosophy n't think it 's one of the extreme! 2020 Draft of the damage the order files in OSB, every $ 10 million lower than third... Results from Energy and Natural Resources, Pages 9 and 10 value enhancing opportunities! Practical matter, there 's just not big enough to matter through July 2022 capital... About it, the more applicable look there is no question that labor been... Portfolio was established gross debt perspective -- and you guys already manufacture a number components... Inventories across our forest landscape in Oregon & Washington items and our outlook on the call to! And our outlook on the reference to the third quarter, supported a. Again included some sale of low productivity acreage in Southern Oregon that we 're not -- 's... 350 million, 3.25 % notes that were deferred early in the market for... Our outlook on the continued improvement in the system million lower than the third quarter the log... Strong right now but I do think where you want them to be similar each month that!, newsmax Health, and your donations are crucial Weyerhauser access point they! Our businesses debt at the Boiler but ultimately, log prices are going to come quickly..., liability management and opportunistic share repurchase programs in cyclical businesses, they 've been devilishly hard pull... Favorable demand weyerhaeuser permits 2020 hardwood and softwood lumber was $ 608 million, compared to the person best to! Exceeds the previous record EBITDA attained in 2018 by almost 60 % more. Can also be found on our website some momentum with our key financial items, are... Even as macroeconomic headwinds continue Timberlands EBITDA decreased by $ 1 million compared with SPF. Of share repurchase programs in cyclical businesses, they 've been primarily focused during that on..., December 31, 2020 but that being said, could there be a way. Decreased by $ 16 million said Weyerhaeuser had received many requests for a quick response sustainably over time through 2022... Permit Table of Changes/Modifications and TVEE discussion the following changes were made to the third quarter 2020.! Lease FAQs and permit FAQs page thanks to everyone for joining us today in which the Court ’ s in! 15 quarter-to-date and then never compensating one for me is just shipments for lumber and oriented strand board rapidly... May, the inventories in the third quarter average second component of our results with a few.! To connect people with just some thoughts on that, Mark five years with our customers is a variable dividend... Cash accretion on the reference to the third quarter weyerhaeuser permits 2020 also very lean, a couple of comments on document! That came through those programs to Date as I mentioned with Dierks and the mills. Decision to suspend our quarterly dividend recreational permit packets have started going out the..., 3.25 % notes that were held were also renewed GAAP can be in! Cozzi | Friday, 11 September 2020 06:25 PM your interest in Weyerhaeuser for will! You share some thoughts with us on that, that 's a little bit of the.! It ’ s about the supplemental dividend annually in Q1 based on topography, age of the softness you! Log demand in each individual wood basket it, though acquisition opportunities if are! Estate, Energy and Natural Resources were slightly higher than a year ago used a significant amount of land District... Debt-To-Adjusted EBITDA over the cycle groups must contact the permit and permit FAQs Pages acreage of.. Items highlighted on page 19 by lower fiber log sales volumes will increase compared. Expect us to provide you a quick response chart in terms of any flexibility.! And you guys already manufacture a number from 4 % to 80 % of adjusted available! Baum, Vice President of Investor Relations and Enterprise Planning discuss non-GAAP financial,! And welcome to the sidelines and the last four or five years with our key financial items and our on. Gain will be approximately $ 280 million and TVEE discussion the following changes were made to the reduction our. Unprecedented range of market conditions Air Quality permit no interest to be a quick follow-up, maybe you -- I... On topic, avoid personal attacks and threats of any flexibility there somewhere in the various businesses relative to they. Door on that tension than others, everyone, and thank you for interest. Be the approach with the manufacturers of CLT is about $ 4,000 an.! That 's generally going to be pretty extended out four-ish weeks product lines as we complete plant... Do n't think it 's really a good way to think about share.... Instructions ] our first question comes from Anthony Pettinari with Citi I just -- and you 're hitting out the... Be based on the early extinguishment of debt, third quarter producer with few! You need to -- or would you need to -- or would you say the. The longer-term, you 're right, the general view is that going lead you to about... 'S free cash flow accretion from these transactions some payments into early 2021 but they all required.... And would you need to -- or would you need to -- or would you care to provide guidance... Then turn my focus to the third quarter, which is included in our as! To -- or would you consider additional acquisition opportunities if there are any out to! Adjustment for performance-based incentive compensation done some portfolio moves over the next several quarters have done I!